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About the game

TL;DR: Is a top down shooter with the mechanic of annoying people instead of shooting

You control (WASD or Analog Stick (Xbox 360 pad)) an annoying guy that is dancing  and singing weird when you press the fire button (Left-Click / A Button (Xbox 360 pad)).

Pressing the fire button, expands your radius influence. When a person is inside your radius, he gets annoyed by your dance/singing.

You must annoy the people in order to reduce their patience

When their patience reach their limit, they shoot you (and their patience returns to their minimum). You must use their bullets to destroy them.

When the people is out of your radius, they start to recover patience at their own pace (some people recovers faster than others, so they forget you eassily).

NOTE: Enemies don't harm you if you touch them, only their bullets.

Killing different people with a single shoot adds a bonus to the score.

I hadn't time to show it visually, but some people are "emotionally linked" (When you annoy someone linked to another one, the one who is linked to that person, even if is not inside your radius, gets annoyed too).

Some thoughts

The game is on a very early stage. There are some bugs (for example, when you die, you can continue controlling the player). I had to sacrifice some things (art, animations) in order to focus on gameplay and to solve bugs.

I considered that the game concept where more relevant in the jam than the art. 

But I don't like when I make an ugly game haha.

Also, I'd have liked to had the time for making and adding a sound when they hurt you, to increase the feedback.

I also spent a bit more time than usual creating sounds and I didn't had the time to implement all the mechanics I thought.

But I'm so fruwsirasdfjh proud of the music! Hahaha.

If you are here reading this, and have played the game, thanks! :)

Made in one day and a half, by Óscar RB (@chocoboflo)


I bet you look good on the dance throne (x64) 15 MB


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I had a blast playing this for a few minutes! Really great concept, and really satisfying to play. 

Aside from the bugs you mention in the description, the only thing I found weird was controlling the wibbly circle thingy by holding the mouse. Maybe have it at a set distance that expands even further whent he mouse is pressed, and returns to the default distance when released?

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Oh, DorkYface, thank you so much for your awesome comment! It made me happy :D

Yeah! Thats a nice idea! I think it will totally improve the control.  Like having a default safe area to return (maybe instantly (with no delay?)) 

I will totally keep in mind your suggestion in the final realease (I plan to make a full improved version in the future)

Thank you so much again, I appreciate a lot your comment! :)