A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

How to play

Paint mode:
1-3: Change brush
L-Click: Draw
R-Click (or E+L-Click): Erase
Z: Previous Color
X: Previous Color

On Mad mode:
WASD: Move
L-Click: Shoot

What is Radical Pixel Artist?

Radical Pixel Artist is a werid combination between a Painting editor and a bullet hell game.

The game has 2 parts:

The first one, is a Painting Editor, where you can draw anything you want for a limited time.

When time/budget is 0, the player gets mad and shoots its painting with a shotgun. The more bullets on the screen, the more score you get and the more risk it gets.

It was made in a few days for the #Lowrezjam (2018). I found out the jam a bit late, so I haven't had enough time to polish the game, there was a lot of ideas I couldn't implement, and a lot of things to polish.

But I'll continue developing it! I really liked the idea.

Thanks for playing and for reading :)

Twitter: @chocoboflo


Radical Pixel Artist 0.3 (x64).rar 12 MB
Radical Pixel Artist 0.3 (x32).rar 10 MB
Radical Pixel Artist 0.3 (MAC).app.rar 13 MB
Radical Pixel Artist 0.3 (Linux x32).rar 14 MB

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